Welcome to "il Ghebo"
Why "il Ghebo"?
Where today stands the local time just ran a "Ghebo" channel lagoon that is created with current and with the complicity of the water games of low and high tides.

Il Ghebo not just a restaurant

Il Ghebo is also the ideal location for ceremonies and banquets comematrimoni, with its splendid park photos and proximity to the lagoon.

The Ghebo also offers hospitality in its hotel rooms. Also ideal resting spot for visitors to Venice or take a beach holiday.

Hotel Il Ghebo - Via Fausta, 41 - 30010 Loc. Punta Sabbioni Cavallino Treporti (VE)
Tel.: +39 041 658270
La Corte S.A.S. di R. Lucato & C. Dom. Fisc. Via Rizzo 5, 30013 Cavallino Treporti (VE)
30013 CAVALLINO (VE) P. IVA 02834390276

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